Waited a couple of days to write this. I was overwhelmed with all of the Birthday wishes. So how did that day go?

Woke up to greet my 85 year old mom saying that her baby is 57 today! I said that is a good thing. She agreed. The she proceeded to tell me that I was on the upswing of 60. (YIKES) Thanks mom!

Spent some time with the interns Braden and Kim going to Poplar Estate and The Bridge assisted livings for Bible classes. “Happy Birthday” was sung in the sweetest way at the Bridge where I received my Birthday Balloon. That is a good thing!… Someone said they had a room for me there!

Lunch with the wife and the interns…(Yeah, they get hungry too.) Then Wednesday evening classes. Afterwards was a watermelon cutting and cake. There was suppose to be a “seed spitting” contest. Who bought SEEDLESS watermelons!

I felt the love…

From ALL…thanks for a great day!

And the paper head likeness of me! Great job Interns!

Thursday trip to Ky Kingdom with some of my best friends and 97 teens and parents.

57 is starting off good!

Love you ALL!

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