Satan, I Have a Word for You!


I guess you are pleased. Pleased that tragedy has struck in the homeland again. The evil you have placed within the hearts of men and women is terrifying. It is festering like a like a infected boil, ready to burst and lay its infectious contents on the world, pouring more evil all around.

That’s the way you work.

You drive us against us each other, and you thrill in seeing us fight, with actions and with words with our attitudes.

But you do this everyday….

You have corrupted our homes, tearing families apart. What started out with love has ended in hate, separation, divorce. You rip them away from God and in turn, turn against each other.

You have infected our young people, turning them against each other. It really doesn’t matter what age it seems. You have poisoned the minds with bullying, hatred, envy, spite. Turning the best of friends into enemies over the pettiest of things and the infection spreads into groups, growing larger against each other.

You have infected our lives with mind altering, culture changing, society accepting devices. Oh they have been around for a long time…drugs, alcohol, abuse, pornography…yes your list goes on, and you are pleased each time we fall into your trap.

While you may succeed in bringing people to your side, know this ONE THING!


Through all the darkness, the LIGHT is greater.

The more your infection grows, it drives us to be stronger, fighting against your poison, telling more about LOVE and JOY and PEACE in Jesus.

You are fighting a losing battle… yes some will die with you. (That hurts)

Our number is growing and will grow larger…Oh, you will try to deceive us and tell us it can’t be done that you are stronger, rest assured…YOU HAVE NO POWER ABOVE GOD and HIS SON!

How do I know this? I believe in God and His Son Jesus! (I hear you shudder at the sound of His name!)

We will continue to make disciples! We will grow stronger! While we will lose some battles, YOU WILL LOSE THE WAR!

So today, you will keep doing what you do…but today, we will do what we do…BETTER!

I will end this now, just leave us alone!

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