Ways to Make Yourself a Better Person (In no particular order)

Ways to Make Yourself a Better Person
(In no particular order)

Love the Person in the Mirror

When you see that person look at the worth of that person. Everyone has value and that value needs to be seen internally. No matter what this outside world tells you, that does not define who you are. You know your heart, where you need to be. Love the beautiful person that you see OUTWARDLY and INWARDLY.

Understand that Choices have Consequences

Now hold on here….you probably went negative already.
Make the choices in life that will better your character, your reputation. When among the negative, be the positive. Be the life changer, changing others lives will change yours.
Oh, by the way…poor decisions…do we really have to explain this?

Be Trustworthy

Be a person of your word. Years ago, a persons word was all it took. Today with 500 page contracts and every background check about your life, it seems that trust must be verified.
Be ahead of this, make the very mention of your name to be trustworthy. Live up to it!
Broken trust can be devastating, but can be rebuilt. Don’t give up!

Be Kind and Considerate

Is it really that hard? Think before you act…and react. Gossip, demeaning text, Facebook post and verbal assaults show only one thing really…the heart.
Treat people with dignity, no matter how they treat you.

Forgive and Rebuild

Easier said than done…I know. When a person ask you to forgive them. Do it. Then rebuild the relationship. Be upstanding, positive and rebuild relationships that have been destroyed.

Be Compassionate and Loving

Remember… it’s what you want to be. Look for the needs of others and it will return to you. Every person regardless of where they are from wants to be loved. Be the person that shares that love. Tears away from the hard hearted life. Let the world see the compassionate side of you.


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