God Are You Happy?

Rainy Day Thoughts

I’m looking out my front door, it’s raining…

I’m thinking about some things.

The good…
The bad…
The hurting…
The happy…

What to do in a world that is driven by the ways of the world.

And then I ask, “God are you happy?”

The perception I have is, people say they love you, but they really don’t show it.
They don’t talk about You, about your Son, Your mercy, Your grace.
They don’t talk about salvation.

I guess they expect the world to just know it.

The perception I have is, people can live in this world, like the world, doing and choosing to live however they want, without regard to You, God. Without regard to Your written word.
In fact, some think they know more than You and Your word.

That hurts my heart.

I know not ALL is doom and gloom.

I also have a perception that there are those that truly and deeply love you.
They show it in the way they live.
They are even given strife about it…
They don’t care, because it’s for you!

The number may be small, but it is great and mighty in strength.
You are our Guide. Your word is our Direction.
Your Son, OUR Salvation.

I know You are hoping the world will turn to You.
I pray You are happy with us!

Thanks for loving me!

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