My Mentor Left Me Today

My Mentor Left Me Today

Wednesday’s are my favorite day! With the exception of worshipping on Sunday I love my Wednesdays!

Today was bittersweet…
I loved my chapel time with our preschoolers at Spring Meadows Academy. They noticed Mr. Jerry was dressed a bit different today…he had a suit on.
“Mr. Jerry, you are wearing a tie, are you going to a party?”
No, not a party, but I am going to a celebration of a man that means a lot to me!

Then on to Poplar Estate and The Bridge Assisted livings for Bible classes.
They noticed also…(The Suit)
Most of them know me…
Jerry, do you have a funeral?
Yes, One of my mentors passed away.
Many of then knew him well. They shared their love.

Then it was time..
I enter the West 7th Church of Christ building for the visitation before the service. Before going in I run into my friend, and Brother, Ted Burleson. We walked into the building like we did for 16 years that we worked together and we didn’t miss a beat.

For a moment, we exchange our words about Chesley Thomason who was more than an elder at West 7th.


Visiting briefly with Stephen, Connie and Julie, my heart just sank. They are like family to me.
They became part of my family in 1983 when I made that move to West 7th.
They shared their Dad and Mom with me.
He walked with me through many walks, joys and pains.
(The picture here was one of the joyous days…The birth of our daughter)
He claimed her as one of his own. Always asking about her and how she is doing.

There’s not enough space to write 35 years of stories, maybe I will share them later.

But this I will say…
He loved the Lord.
He loved preaching and preachers.
He loved good singing.
He was genuinely concerned about every soul he encountered.

He mentored a youth minister, to have the passion for ALL people young and old. “Teach them the truth, tell them to stay faithful”

Singing the songs today that were his favorite I could see him in my mind. “Anywhere Is Home” and “Beautiful Robes”, I can close my eyes and hear his voice and see him leading.

I will miss him.

My Mentor left me today, but it is what he left me that will live in me for the rest of my life.

Mike, Ted, Jeremy and Randy. Thanks for your words, Chesley would be happy. We all have been touched and grown by this man of faith!

Stephen and Julie, Thanks for sharing your dad and letting him fill our live with love and friendship and a lifetime of memories.

Thank you Chesley for being my mentor, my Brother and my friend.
My heart is singing tonight.

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