Another Mile…

Another Mile…

I’m riding down the road in the church van from another great opportunity to serve the Lord. For some strange reason, I looked out of the window and was watching the sunset this evening. (Cell phone does not do it justice) and I got to thinking, “how many miles have I been with young people in my life?”

I’m truly a blest person to be able to do what I do…and I love it.  

I remember the first van and the struggle to get it, to explain why we needed it. 

I think of the number of young people that have rode in a van, a bus, a car(s). (thousands)

The breakdowns…thankfully not very many, thanks to the men that keep our vehicles safe. 

The “motion sickness” kid…and yes, the clean-up! 

HAND CHECK!!! enough said.

How many, “are we there’s?”  “Is it time for a potty break?”  “I’m hungry!”  

I love everyone of those questions.

The laughter and stories I could tell would fill several books. 

We have had FM radio, cassette’s, and CD’s. Then the silence in the van when the headphones appeared…I miss the playlist of songs, and the singing along. 

At the end of the trips..we sing on the bus. I wonder how many times we have praised God. 

Today, I don’t drive near as much, (Oh, yes I can still drive) I’m thankful and grateful that I have parents that love to drive. I get to ride shotgun, or sit and talk face to face with the kids. (it’s safer than looking in the mirror.)

These trips,  short or long, have a major impact on our young people. It can change their lives, their hearts, their souls.  Parents…put them on the bus. 

I will look forward to the next adventure together as a church family. 

I can’t wait to go one more mile with you!

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