To the Class of 2019

To the Class of 2019…

Congratulations!  You have done it! You have accomplished some of the hardest things in your life! 

Graduation is such a special time, an emotional time, let’s face it. Your Mom’s will cry, your Dad’s will be beaming and shedding that quiet tear inside. (some will leak out)

Grandma’s and Grandpa’s will be there and you can’t wipe the smile off of their faces! They are filled with joy!

Your teachers are sooo proud of you, look at what you have done! You have accomplished the tasks that were placed before and you have passed them with flying colors…well maybe some of them were a struggle…but YOU did it!

You will get your diploma saying you have made it and now you get to move the next level! 

There will be gifts! Flowers, gift cards and even a little money. Don;t spend it all in one place! 

I am really proud of you, I will miss your smiles, high fives and hugs! I can’t wait to see what happens next in your life…I just hope you will still let me be a part of it. Keep in touch!

So Congrats you have done it…you are graduating…. PRESCHOOL!

Wait… you thought I was talking about Elementary? Middle School? High School? College?

Truth is you can fill in the blank, EVERYTHING written above still applies. 

It all began in Pre-school! Your values, your morals, your love, your compassion. 

Your ability to read, to write, to learn to run and to play all began at this level!  

This is what got you to where you are today! 

Happy Graduation Day!

P.S. Don’t for get to flush and wash your hands!

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