The Road to Sixty – Day 30

The Road to Sixty – Day 30


I am thankful for the man in this photo! You may not know him, but he has a lot to do with me meeting my wife! (Pam)

You have to see how this unfolds…

Andy Baker was the preacher in Louisville, Ky. when Pam was growing up (teen years). She would babysit he and Susans children. Pam was very close to the family.

Through some struggling years, Andy was there for Pam’s family, He knows how to minister and serve! Because of Andy’s influence, Pam went to F-HU. Thats where we met and the rest is history. 

Andy has a servant heart and he loves to spread the gospel of Jesus. His work with World Christian Broadcasting as the President is amazing as they have literally covered the world with the gospel through short wave radio. 

When we met, he wanted to make sure I took care of “his” girl, treat her right and love her! I told him, “You have nothing to worry about!”

When they came to Spring Meadows I thought, this is amazing! I will get to spend some time with another person that I have looked up to as a mentor, a brother and a friend! 

His gentle spirit shows the love of God!  

His compassion for others is evident!

His presence shows the light of the Lord!

Thank you, Andy, for being a friend, not only to me, to my wife, her family and countless others that your ministry has touched!

Till tomorrow…

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