The Road to Sixty – Day 33

The Road to Sixty – Day 33

Wednesday Nights

I can’t remember a time in my life that Wednesday’s haven’t been important! 

Practicing baseball growing up, I remember Mom pulling up getting out of the car. The coach would look and say, “Jr, your Mom is here, have a good time at church!”

It was no question to him, he knew where we were going. I would go many times with that red Alabama clay dirt on my shirt and pants. I would dust off before I walked in, but I was at Bible class.

The same was for basketball or any other activity I was involved in…I was to be at church on Wednesday night!

When I started in youth ministry, I wanted to share that same love for Wednesday’s!  

Pump days were the first after school programs I started, we would pick up from the various school and head to the local nursing home. There we would stay and have a Bible Class for 30 minutes then go to the building to hangout!

It has morphed into a bit more these days…

I love my Wednesday’s 

I get to: 

Have a chapel at our Pre-school (age 2-4)

Teach a Bible class at Poplar Estates Assisted Living

Teach a Bible class at The Bridge Assisted Living

Begin W.A.S.H. days (Wednesday After School Hangout) service to community and Spring Meadows.

Begin Lunch Ladies for grades 9-12

Teach teen classes and fellowship with my brother and sisters

Meet with the elders each week, seriously what a joy to meet with them as they shepherd the flock!

I love this day! I wouldn’t miss it for anything!

Till tomorrow…

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