The Road to Sixty – Day 36

The Road to Sixty – Day 36

It’s Her Day!!!

So as much as I love my in-laws (I wrote about them yesterday) This lady, is the reason I am who I am! 

So today is her Birthday! 

Now, she does not like the attention, nor the big parties! She made me take her birthday OFF of Facebook and she will probably kill me for even writing this, but she deserves every bit of attention.

Some people like big things, big moments, not Pam…she likes simple, consistent, organized. 

Yet, she still married me! (That post will be coming later) 

We have enjoyed this day laughing and spending time with her parents, even having some Red Velvet cake with a few candles on it. 

As most husbands do, we ask our wives what they want for their special day. I get the same answer…nothing…but I know some things that will make her happy.

Caramel M&M’s

Hershey Kisses with Almonds


On the way home we will stop and we will share some White Castle burgers and Fries with Chocolate shakes!

She got to Facetime with Danae and Mila Dean and there’s a joy that comes with that when “Minnie” gets to talk! I am sure Mila Dean was singing Happy Birthday just to her at 7 months of age.

To say that I love her is an understatement, she deserves so much credit for making me who I am! She keeps me level, encourages me to listen, think, then respond if needed. SO today is her day on this journey, we will ride and talk and laugh and love!

Happy Birthday Pam, I love you…Phil. 1:3-5

Till tomorrow…

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