The Road to Sixty – Day 50

The Road to Sixty – Day 50

Roll Tide!

I know a couple of college football games were played earlier this week, but for me college football began today. You see, the Alabama Crimson Tide played today. 

If you were in my house at 2:30 today, the television was on ABC and my mother was in her place. Her chair. Wearing her Alabama shirt and Crimson pants ready to cheer them on! 

If she asked me once this week what time they played she ask me 20 times…What channel? What time? Who are they playing?

They are playing Duke, Mom. 

Who is that? Are they good? Well,  at the end of the first quarter she was a bit worried. When the suspended starters went in she said maybe they learned their lesson. 

I don’t think she really watched much of the game today, she was a bit distracted, you see the Great-Grandbaby is here and every now and then you would catch her telling Mila Dean, “Roll Tide”. 

If you really want to know where the love for Alabama football came, many would have said my Dad, (granted he was a HUGE fan) but Mom always keeps up with them. She didn’t like Nick Saban at first and sometimes she could call better plays. Now she thinks he is a real good coach. (remember, she remembers all the Bear Bryant games).

She watches the players come out of the tunnel and can tell you if they are ready. She’s pretty accurate. 

I find myself watching and listening to her as these games are played. Many times today she is silent, until that exciting play occurs. 

At the end, you will hear that Roll TIde regardless of a win or loss!

Pretty sure she will teach Mila Dean to say those same words…

Just like her Pop!

Till tomorrow…

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