The Road to Sixty – Day 77

The Road to Sixty – Day 77

Mom and Me…

I’m going through a lot of memories in my mind now and there is this amazing amount of stories that are surfacing. 

It wasn’t a secret that I was a “Mommas boy” growing up. Hey! I am still a Mommas boy and proud of it. 

When Dad would not be at home on many weekends I would hang out with friends or the family would stay around the house. 

There was a particular night i really wanted to go out with friends and I remember Mom telling me that I could not go. 

What? Can’t go? But Mom…

Thats the final answer..

One thing I learned early is that Mom was the final answer. I didn’t play the game between Mom and Dad. What she said, was what was done. 

So I stayed home… I wasn’t happy, but nonetheless, I stayed at home. 

It was nothing special that happened at home…we had three channels on the TV on a clear night. It was just Mom and me. I think we watched a Friday night fright movie. She made popcorn in an old metal pot the old fashion way. It got to be late..10pm and it was time to go to bed. She always prayed at my bedside every night. Then to her room she would go.

At times I would listen to WVOK out of Birmingham through a transistor radio with a single ear phone. But out of the other ear I would hear another voice…

It was mom….praying. Some nights I would listen intently to the prayer she would offer up to God.  A prayer of protection for her children, for her husband to become faithful, for the family to be one. I would hear her cries and passion uttered in each phrase.

I sometimes wonder why she would pray so loudly then…now I know. 

It was so I knew her relationship with God. You know what? Those prayers worked!

And they still do.

I find myself doing the same thing…maybe not as loud as she did, but praying diligently, fervently, passionately. 

And the prayers work… Thanks Mom for the great example!

Till tomorrow…

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