The Road to Sixty – Day 111

The Road to Sixty – Day 111

Happy Birthday Mom! 

Today you would have celebrated your 88th birthday if you were still here. There were some plans made…Gail and Ron would have been here to celebrate, we would go out to eat, and have some cake!  

I just believe that your celebration is a whole lot better today. I will miss this time together but today I treasure the fact that you lived such a full life.

Also, on this day…

Our phone received the message early this morning that my father-in-law has passed from this life. We are once again heartbroken, but so thankful for the faithful life that he lived as a Christian. 

Please keep Pam in your prayers as the rest of our family. God is our comfort, the church gives us the strength and love. 

We love you all…

Till tomorrow…

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