The Road to Sixty – Day 134

The Road to Sixty – Day 134

Hidden Treasures

In going through some things, we found an envelope of some age and looked inside. I couldn’t believe what was there. 

No, it wasn’t cash!

It was a genealogy. Now as far as I know this was something that my great grand mother did. As you can see it was very dated and the paper is literally crumbling. 

Valuable? not really to anyone outside of the family. To me it is priceless. Very few records were kept back in those days. You had to look at peoples Bibles to get good genealogies. 

I guess what intrigued me the most was the color of the parchment…my mind drifted back to the when this was possibly filled out. The person that took the time to make sure everything was as accurate as it could be. 

I wish I knew the stories behind the names… who they were, what they did, where did they live? Finding something like this, just causes my mind to stir…

I am thankful for a media like this that allows me to journal and let my family know a little more for the future. 

I love this adventure…

Till tomorrow…

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