The Road to Sixty – Day 139

The Road to Sixty – Day 139

Happy Thanksgiving

Our family was together today for a beautiful meal. My mother-in-law had the turkey, Pam and Danae helped with the sides and I did what I do best…

Stayed out of their way!

We sat down for the meal today and I knew that it would be hard…

The empty chairs. 

My mind has thought about my father-in-law and Mom all day. 

It has also thought about Zach and his family, (he lost a brother in March). 

Our hearts was a little down..


There are two new chairs filled in our life, Paisley and Mila Dean fill new spots. 

There was joy. We laughed, watched children play, watched the Christmas parade. 

We ventured out tonight to look at Christmas lights and to see the joy on my family’s face was priceless. 

“I see Christmas lights from a 4 year olds mouth is the sweetest sound.

I thank God for that small voice…and the Hot Sign at Krispy Kreme.

Tonight, I will pray a little deeper, thanking Him for this day. 

Thanking Him for my church family.

Thanking Him for a great Youth Group.

Thanking Him for my family.

Thanking Him for my Wife. 

Thanking Him for YOU!

Thank you for remembering us today, 

We love you.

Till tomorrow…

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