The Road to Sixty – Day 168

The Road to Sixty – Day 168

It’s Travel Time

Saturday was a fun day, trip to Louisville to see the Mother-in-law and to travel back home. 

So while I was there I made the decision to change out the head light bulbs on our car. I went to the establishment to purchase the build and they volunteered to change out the bulbs for me (no charge).

Now if you know me I generally do this myself. I like the work. But this time I thought, “hey, you want to do this? Awesome – less dirt on my hands”

The young man came out to the car and said. Pop the hood..I did.

He began looking at the car for about 5 minutes and I’m thinking, he is studying and taking sure he has what he needs. 

He then admits to me he’s never changed a build on a Ford 500. 

Then he goes through a long way of what he might need to do.

Granted, I know some cars are difficult. This one is not. 

So I ask him if I could help him. He said “no, I’ve got this.”

“Okay”…. I replied.

Another 15 minutes have passed. I’m not frustrated, but I am remembering that this young man has said “I’ve never changed a bulb on this car”

Finally, I ask him to let me help.  He said he would appreciate it. 

I showed him the bulb, where it plugged in, how to get it out, replaced both in less than 5 minutes.

After it was finished, he turned and said, “Well, that was easy!”

He then thanked me and admitted he had been shown how to do these things, but not had enough experience. 

I was thinking that this young man has a lot of promise…

You may be thinking …nope.

Let me explain…so many have the right tools to do something, but they have never used them. 

How will they learn if no one teaches them?   They will not.

Just by taking a little time…5 minutes…this young man will not forget how to change this bulb. It took some one to show him how to use his talents…

Just something to think on….

Till tomorrow .

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